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Career Playbook, Essential Advice: SUCCESS

James M. Citrin on success strategies for recent graduates.

Career Playbook, Essential Advice: INTERVIEWING

James M. Citrin outlines how recent graduates can nail their interviews.

Career Playbook, Essential Advice: NETWORKING & RELATIONSHIPS

James M. Citrin on the importance of cultivating relationships.

Career Playbook, Essential Advice: MONEY

James M. Citrin on how recent graduates should factor money into their career choices.

The Career Playbook for Young Professionals Event - IUAA

Watch as Jim Citrin engages a powerhouse panel made up of IU alumni in this thought provoking and solution-focused video on careers.

Rock Your Brain: Nail that Interview - MTV News

Sit back, relax and take a few notes as expert James Citrin walks you through the job-hunting process and offers some seriously helpful tips on locking it down.

Managing the Millenial Generation

SiriusXM Radio's broadcast of the IUAA panel discussion and networking event in Chicago, IL.

Beaks & Geeks Podcast Series

James M. Citrin sits down with Amy to discuss how to get an interview, how to improve your chances of getting a job with a humanities background, and more.

I Hate My Boss

S1E1: Fear, change, and six glasses of rose

How should you deal with change? Jim Citrin has some answers.

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